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Studio Session - $125 an Hour, this includes House Engineer
Note: Minimum booking is 1 Hour any overages will be charged at $62.50 per half hour rate. For non-rehearsal studio sessions, 10 Hour blocks are priced at a 10% discount based on the $125 per hour base rate.

Mixing/Mastering Service:
1 song - $150
4- 6 songs - $300
7- 12 songs - $450
13 -16 songs - $500
17- 20 songs - $650
21 + songs - Call for a quote

Production Service:
$200 an Hour for production, this includes composing, song writing and Producers fee*
Production service 10 Hour blocks are priced at 15% discount.
Other rates and fees may apply depending on specific project or engineer.

Payments can be made via cash or credit card. (MasterCard , Visa or American Express)

10-Hr Block Policy:
Hours do not have to be used all at once, they can be split up across multiple sessions.
All 10 hour blocks must be completed within 3 months of original purchase date.
We cannot refund the purchase of a 10-hr block once any of the hours have been used by client.

A 50% deposit will be required for sessions before the beginning of each session.
 *Paid in advance

 *Studio bookings require a 50% Deposit
 *New Clients shall submit deposit 7 days prior to first session.
 *Cancellations with 24+ hours notice receive studio credit.
 *Cancellations inside 24- hours of session will forfeit deposit.
 *All services are payable when rendered.
 *No masters, drives, or data can be released without payment in full.
 *We are not responsible for materials, gear, or recordings left on our premises (unless  other arrangements are made, restoration clients excluded).
 *Hours are billed in 30 minute increments; studio time assumes normal breaks for engineers for coffee, lavatory, and other brief items.
 *Each client is entitled to a total of 2 CDs of their material per session, when session has been paid in full. If additional CDs are needed they can be purchased for $1 each.
 *Clients are billed from the start time they booked, whether or not the client has arrived at the studio by that time.
 *Studio set up time is including in billing.

 *Data files or tapes cannot be released if there is an outstanding studio balance
 *Java Printz, LLC is not required to keep a back- up of tapes or data once the final product is released to the client
 *Java Printz, LLC can provide additional archive copies of files and tapes at the (provided we still have the data) at the following hourly rates:
 *$50 archives done during scheduled time 
 *Archives can include session file stems and/or appropriate audio files
 *Exports or file conversions may be billed at regular studio hourly rates
 *Engineer’s notes remain the property of Java Printz, LLC

Acceptance of Terms. These terms and conditions constitute a part of the contract between Java Printz, LLC and Client. Different or additional terms and conditions which may be included in Client’s purchase order or other acceptance of this quotation are hereby rejected unless approved in writing by the president of Java Printz, LLC Retaining, hiring, or booking time with Java Printz, LLC constitutes full acceptance of these terms.

Changes in Specifications & Cancellation. After acceptance of this quotation no changes by Client in the specifications will be binding on Java Printz, LLC unless Java Printz, LLC consents to such changes in writing. Additional charges for accepted changes will be billed to Client. Cancellations of bookings must be made within 24 hours. Cancelation made with less than 24hr notice will be billed for half of time booked.

Data Storage & Materials - Unless specified in writing, data storage is at Client’s risk and may be released upon final payment.
Terms of Payment. Due to the subjective nature of audio production, Client acknowledges that Java Printz, LLC obligation is limited to the act of recording, mixing, mastering, or processing the Client s audio. In the event of dispute, Java Printz, LLC’s contractual obligations are considered to be fulfilled in full by the act of processing. Submission of processed files, via FTP, web, or physical medium, shall constitute acceptance for purposes of contract fulfillment.

Default - If Client defaults in payment of any invoice at due date, or in the event of any proceeding in bankruptcy or insolvency by or against Client, Java Printz, LLC in addition to any right it has, shall have the right: (a) to suspend or discontinue work until it has received payment in full for work performed; (b) to require cash in advance to cover further work; (c) to collect late charges of 1 1/2% per month from due date; and/or (d) to recover all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees. In the event credit or financial ability of Client becomes impaired or unsatisfactory in the sole reasonable judgment of Java Printz, LLC, Java Printz, LLC shall have the right at any time thereafter to change the credit terms with respect to any further work under this quotation.

Use of Audio - Unless specified in writing, Client grants Java Printz, LLC the right to use Client audio for marketing purposes, including, but not limited to sample CDs, internet play systems, or other methods.

Remedies - In the event Java Printz, LLC takes any action to enforce the terms of this Agreement and/or collect payment, Customer hereby agrees to pay all costs incurred in connection therewith, including, without limitation, all reasonable attorneys’ fees, expenses, and court costs incurred by Java Printz, LLC in its sole discretion. Customer further agrees that exclusive jurisdiction and venue for any claim arising out of or under the terms of this Agreement shall be in a state court of competent jurisdiction in Delaware County, Ohio, and Customer hereby submits to the jurisdiction and venue of such court.

Music Production
The best feedback we have received from our clients is that their recording experience is always pleasurable, our engineer’s work fast and the quality of our final product rivals that of a studios that are much larger.
"We pour a special blend of creativity into your project"